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Going train Larry Shyatt is 60-15 in your home the previous four years as Wyoming's head train as well as power conference programs appear to desire no component of playing a non-conference game there.

As the AP tale notes, Wyoming has actually gone into some in-season competitions to aim to intensify the timetable the following few periods, but this is merely an additional example of a program from a non-power league having a tough time getting significant groups to play them at residence. If Wyoming and also other Mountain West programs intend to continue to make at-large NCAA event appearances, they have to aim to obtain some sort of organizing bump at home if they can. Located at 7,220 feet above sea degree the altitude of Wyoming's home arena-- and 15,000-plus shouting fans-- makes it nearly impossible to win games when driving there. The institution hasn't had a real home-and-home plan with a power seminar program given that Washington State over a decade back


The Dome of Doom is one of the most hard locations to play in all of college sporting activities. The Cowboys will certainly draw Cal at the Dome of Ruin this period, yet it was a handle which Wyoming had to play two road games to make the one home video game happen. Coming off of four consecutive postseason looks, it's doubtful any kind of power conference team intends to travel to Wyoming but it will certainly interest see if these form of things change in the following couple of years.

Just 4 power conference programs have played a roadway game at Wyoming because 1997 and also none because the 2004-05 season. "If I'm thinking selfishly of my college, what am I getting? Just what are we getting? Just what's our organization getting? Hard telephone call.".

In a tale from the Associated Press late today, Shyatt exposed just how he's attempted to do every little thing he can to arrange major seminar challengers ahead and also play in Wyoming. Having actually belonged to staffs at larger basketball programs like Clemson and Florida, Shyatt understands the organizing quandary, but he 'd still such as to draw some big-name challengers in his home sector.

"They're not playing us, and fairly truthfully, if I was the head trainer at Colorado or Florida, I do not know if I would certainly concern Laramie unless they would certainly play in October, September, August, July or June," Shyatt stated to the AP.

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09 Agos 2015
He's consistently helped any person and everybody ... per day. "It's been right here for numerous years, as a matter of fact one of our policemans that graduated Central Secondary school pointed out that it was type of a day-to-day ritual to come around Ted.s. It's the city's 39th murder of the year.

The landmark dining establishment, in company for even more than HALF A CENTURY, became a criminal activity scene very early Friday.

Gerri Barnes cannot think her boss she called "Jim Bo" is dead.

TULSA, Oklahoma - .

The target of a murder at a west Tulsa dining establishment was the owner, according to Tulsa police.

Buddies say Coulson liked to compete in angling events and belonged to the Tulsa Southside Hookers Bass Club..

"I assume [Ted's] is a staple in the neighborhood," TPD Officer Leland Ashley stated. I found to eat at Ted's.".

Policeman Leland Ashley said two workers showed up at the dining establishment simply prior to 8 a.m. and also found Coulson's physical body. "He would always do something. The stabbing at Ted's even restored youth memories for several of the examining policemans.

"I lifted and also ran over right here as well as that's when I saw him lost consciousness. [I] had worked part-time security at Central Senior high school ... Authorities claimed he 'd been stabbed.

"Jim educated him every little thing that Jim does," Sayles claimed. They informed police Coulson generally showed up at the dining establishment at 7 a.m. ... when he went out of Ted's, he struck his head, he dropped back," Sayles claimed.

Authorities recognized the victim as Jim Coulson, 65. His employees, if they have problems or whatnot, Jim existed, not grumbling, he was always an useful individual.".

Buddies of Coulson stated he was meant to be in an angling competition this weekend break with his pals at Tenkiller Lake.

"He was more our close friend than our boss," she claimed. I do not know who would do this or why.".

Detectives still do not have a suspicious description or a motive for the murder.

Sayles says Coulson was a mentor to his earliest son and also trained him how obtain the restaurant all set for the day.

John Sayles says his child found owner Coulson's body inside and collapsed.

It occurred at Ted's Hamburgers in the 2900 block of West Edison, nearby from Central Senior high school.

Ashley stated he didn't have any type of various other information since the examination had actually just started." [He was] an impressive person.

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08 Agos 2015
Later, the woman's mother along with father located her Instagram account. A Person can not perform virtual CPR to save heart disease victim," that they wrote. "So the entire concept is actually to take lots of knowledge along with make it beneficial to empower the particular clinician, so they will really are generally better informed."

For 1 study, his team partnered with all the Department regarding Defense. Then they give Coppersmith's team access to which information. The Girl knew your woman needed to get off the leading lines, so the girl discovered any place throughout education and learning with all the suicide prevention foundation. because the harder we speak about it, the more it actually is to locate help.

"This happened extremely fast," David Walker said. Yet inside the process, your woman ended up being subjected to a negative environment and became overwhelmed.

She believes your possible once along with with regard to all outweighs the bad.

"I listen to a lot concerning bullying, however I hear a complete lot much more about the advantages of social media," Rowe said.

Sadie's social media neighborhood reinforced your ex negative feelings. Within scenarios such as this, the absence of suicide prevention efforts on-line could be glaring.

"I looked to alcohol as well as drugs, and I has been extremely reckless inside my addiction," your woman said. April Foreman, suicide prevention coordinator for that Southwest Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System, said classic suicide prevention study techniques don't function because social media changes as well fast. "We can potentially understand how individuals are thinking and also feeling in the method throughout which wasn't possible before."

Shelby Rowe may be the manager associated with training applications in the American Basis for Suicide Prevention. Clinicians are able for you to keep tabs on their particular patients between office visits.

The pals were also suicidal. Since an adolescent as well as small adult, Caudle was reluctant to come out as a lesbian. By Simply some time experts may publish, their own work is outdated.

How social media as well as suicide prevention will eventually merge upon a sizable scale isn't distinct yet. They're even now in the development phase, but they possess clinical trials planned for your end in the year.

"We could say, 'Gee, it looks such as an typical day for the step count. Right now she speaks from higher schools and also with high school counselors.

Coppersmith's team can gather information via someone's social media activity as well as distill it right into a touch involving relevant data, he said. "People were trying to help, but they stored saying, 'Come on, Shelby, it's just a divorce, overcome it,'" she said.

On Christmas Day final year, Sadie Walker, 15, of Garland killed herself. Together With every thing together, Coppersmith said, his team can easily put together a photo of the patient's life.. "It was a poor situation, but it absolutely was preventable," he said.

Jessica Caudle, 33, associated with Mansfield is an additional survivor. "The preliminary outcomes say that, yes, you are able to distinguish them."

Caudle didn't use social media when she had been younger but thinks it could possess assisted her if she had.

She mentioned counselors tell your ex concerning the negative results of social media in students' mental health.

Small signals may certainly not be alarming about his or her own. Utilizing publicly accessible content material from Twitter and also Facebook, they will analyzed the actual posts involving veterans which killed themselves.

At the particular time, the lady labored answering calls with a crisis center. About the foundation's website,, they will wrote that will web sites should be needed for you to maintain safe and sound environments, just similar to restaurants and also schools.

But suicide prevention can be changing -- and also advancing in to always be able to the Digital Age.

David and Norma Walker, Sadie's parents, have been unaware of Sadie's on your internet activity. "There had been times when I didn't treatment if I woke up."

"What you truly worry about along with mental wellness is actually the method a individual is integrating along with society," he said. He includes a variety of studies underway around the relationship in between social media as well as suicide prevention.

But researchers and also clinicians are still figuring social media out. "We try to have these people almost all talking so we can spread expertise as fast since it develops," Foreman said.

Bryan hopes his center's study will identify early signals and also make it possible to create use of social media for connecting people whom have help.

"When people are posting on-line -- just what they're considering and also sensation as well as performing -- you're acquiring the snapshot within their internal mental state," he said. Nevertheless numerous suicide try survivors accept it could get helped them, and will help others.

Another contributor in order to #SPSM can be Glen Coppersmith, founder along with CEO involving Qntfy (pronounced "quantify"), a group which aims to supply mental health care professionals using insight beyond what they could potentially get from the normal appointment.

The Walkers get come up with Sadie Walker Foundation, an effort to educate teenagers concerning the perils associated with social media. Dr. "This happened over your course of 3 or four weeks."

Signs on social media

Coppersmith can end up being a data scientist using a track record within pc science as well as psychology. Craig Bryan, executive director with the National center for Veterans Research as well as assistant professor involving psychology at the School involving Utah. she felt similar to she has been living a new double life.

The patients in addition track workout routines along with meals. That ended up being full of messages concerning self-harm.

Suicide prevention researchers submit an application for funding in the foundation, the lady said, along with lately some possess proposed studies about matters through using social media to recognize possible cases to higher comprehending what signs look like online.

Jill Harkavy-Friedman, vice president involving analysis in the American Groundwork with regard to Suicide Prevention, mentioned she's seen a heightened curiosity about social media analysis within the most recent years.

Others hope to use social media to help patients. after decreasing the data, the team develops plots that report the way a affected person does more than time.

The much more we ensure it is OK to talk about, the better, your woman said. they told your Walkers that will Sadie joined his or her network since the lady ended up being attempting to assistance and also comfort and also ease them. Anyone would a workout today, which usually you tend to be doing each Friday. Your Woman personally features attempted suicide twice, most recently within 2010. The Girl career and also marriage were falling apart. An Individual had a beer, which usually you do not do each as well as every Friday, so we'll keep a watch in that. "We've spent a new great deal of time building out the actual analytics about the back again end," he said. These People sought out the woman's online friends, hoping to comprehend what had happened.

"You cannot defuse a new bomb by retweeting an image. "Once the particular likelihood of suicide as well as self-harm continues for you to be identified, there could be just one response: talk with a grown-up."

Spreading expertise online

For Sadie Walker, sufficient safeguards in social media could have developed a difference, the woman's father said. If your social media account says some thing concerning being lonely, that's OK since everybody will get lonely,'" he said.


One of the clinicians in #SPSM is Dr. "What quantifiable signs throughout social media are generally relevant, as well as exactly how must we use these to inform clinical practice?"

Researchers may conduct studies along with public data coming from social media.

Hoping in order to solve this, Foreman co-founded #SPSM (Suicide Prevention as well as Social Media), an online community for suicide and also crisis prevention experts. The Particular team is on the summer hiatus now, but additionally for numerous years, each as well as every Sunday night, Foreman features gathered experts in a moderated Twitter chat.

Keeping clinicians informed is actually important, he said, because they are generally the ones that decide which treatment options in order to use. Consequently using computers to keep a watch in issues may open up a great offer of possibilities within mental health, he said.

Social media web sites like Facebook as well as Instagram get built mechanisms within their websites allowing users to flag their particular friends' posts as alarming.

On #SPSM, information scientists, clinicians, law enforcement officers, primary treatment doctors as well as suicide try survivors could communicate. but there's an excessive amount of data about social media with regard to them to sift through.

"Did they speak in different ways? did they will post various types of pictures? Would that they behave in numerous ways about these sites?" Bryan said. His team at Qntfy is operating on a project which keeps tabs on specific patients' social media activity

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07 Agos 2015
There's no such thing as a single-camera comedy series, a clutch of prominent TV helmers agreed during a panel session Wednesday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour.

Comedies produced outside of the traditional multicamera stageplay-style format rarely if ever shoot scenes with just a single camera. Most of them use a hybrid multi- and single-camera format, as few showrunners would be willing to risk losing the option of having multiple choices for various shots in the editing room.

"There are degrees of single-camera-ness," said Michael Blieden, whose credits includes "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and FX's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." He noted that there are plenty of single-cam shows that shoot scenes on a proscenium to mimic a multi-camera environment for actors.

Peter Atencio, director of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele," pointed to "Modern Family" as a show that is "a multicam show very creatively and intelligently done in a single-camera format."

The helmers agreed that the focus on multi- vs. single-cam is "overblown" and that the most important factor is whether the material is funny.

Alec Berg, co-creator and director of HBO's "Silicon Valley," observed that one big difference is that shooting single-camera without an audience allows a show to milk the humor out of awkward moments of silence. "We do a lot of dryer tonal stuff on our show. When you're doing a multicam, you do something that's funny and silent, people laugh, and they fill the silence so it's not silent any more," he said.

On the other hand, the creative team gets instant feedback when shooting in front of an audience. With single-cam, which are often shot out of sequence, "sometimes you're just going, 'Does any of this work on any level?' " Berg observed. In fact, it often falls to the director to reassure the company.

"A lot of my job as the director is to do the job of the studio audience," Berg said. "You're a proxy for the laughs from the audience."

The panel was presented as part of the TCA tour at the Beverly Hilton by the Directors Guild of America. Mark Cendrowski, house director of "The Big Bang Theory," moderated the wide-ranging Q&A.

Helmers weren't shy about saying that they would like to see directors get a little more recognition for their contributions to TV. "I always say that scripts are about ambition," said Tristam Shapeero, helmer of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," among other shows.

The director "comes along and decides how are we going to shoot that scene to get the funny off the page," Shapeero said. Directors have the tricky job of bringing their ideas to the production while remaining "extremely respectful of the work," he said.

It's especially challenging for a director coming in on assignment for the first time on an established show. It takes homework and plenty of prep to learn the show's protocols and conventions.

"Everybody knows so much more than you do," said Linda Mendoza, whose credits include "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Black-ish." "The only thing you can do is know your script like the back of your hand."

The helmers spoke of their frustration at dwindling running times for shows airing on advertising-supported TV. With some half-hour series running as short as 19-20 minutes, shows run the risk of becoming "a radio play," Blieden observed. "You cram (plot and dialogue) in so much that you've taken all the visual transitions out," he said. "You're using about half of what television can do."

Shapeero noted that when "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" moved from NBC to ad-free Netflix, producers felt "relief" in being able to go back and insert jokes and humorous moments that had to be chopped for time when the show was bound for NBC.

Zetna Fuentes made her half-hour counterparts a little jealous in describing her working environment last season on "Jane the Virgin," with its distinct visual style that breaks the fourth wall and adds other inventive touches. Fuentes said she had a "magical" experience working on the CW drama's season finale.

"The showrunners are game. You really get a lot of freedom (because) visually they want to push it," she said.

(Pictured: "Silicon Valley")
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06 Agos 2015
To date, the lender features 72,000 re-pins and has earned one of the titles with regard to best doing monetary solutions companies about Pinterest.

Less than a 12 months right after Bank associated with America joined Pinterest, the woking platform is generating 30% in the bank's social media traffic to its money management site targeted at millennials.

As using anything, there are good factors to hesitate to spend amount associated with occasion in but an additional site. Its engagement success on Pinterest can be notable as banks struggle to succeed in young adults. Inside 2015, the particular site has observed the 50% increase in financial services companies upon Pinterest over the entire base of monetary services companies previously.

B involving A's foray directly into Pinterest will come as much banks get but to find their particular groove on the image-sharing site, which is better known pertaining to beauty, aspirations, an overwhelmingly female user base, and also buyable pins, than pertaining to banking content.

The Pinterest efforts arrive as banks struggle to resonate together with social media audiences and therefore are accruing against brand name issues. "If users are not looking for what we're pinning regarding about Pinterest, it is unlikely to have traction."

So the bank joined the particular visually engaging website inside October as well as created boards similar to "buying the home" along with "travel plans" and populated them with pins in which included visuals and also back links in order to content about Much Better Cash Habits, its financial training site, which it creates using education and learning nonprofit Khan Academy. Based on comScore's June 2015 data, Pinterest reaches 41% regarding millennials.. However that they view the pairing as simply natural. Therefore if Wells provides excellent images that will link again to beneficial content material which help them make it through that will psychological to-do, Brown says the actual pin can get traction.

But here's something you may not know: Pinterest counts more than 1.3 billion pins regarding managing money.

Growing (P)interest

"Pinterest is where people select inspiration," mentioned Melissa Musgrove, whom manages social media strategy in Regions.

It's any few providing the appropriate content.

Some, such as Wells Fargo as well as Regions Financial, are already there for many months.

Pinterest, which usually declined to speak about the total number of banks in its site, said your vertical has been dramatically growing about its platform in latest months. B associated with A, pertaining to example, ranked final among the 32 banks evaluated regarding American Banker/Reputation Institute Survey associated with Bank Reputations this year even though it nonetheless earned an average/moderate ranking among its customers. in January, Forrester Analysis printed the report that highlighted Pinterest's advertising worth lies inside the future. Certainly Not just can it assist their particular brands connect to viewers that shares their own wish lists, yet additionally, it influences SEO results in a period when branch visitors is constantly on the decline.

"The best way to gain hefty results would become to go and employ channels consumers are utilizing however competitors are usually not," saidJohn Siracusa, chief executive of mOSa Marketing, any company that are usually experts in social media strategies pertaining to monetary solutions firms.

Wells Fargo, which joined Pinterest in March 2014, saw your site like a platform to supply guidelines on, say, how to save up pertaining to vacations.

"There's a great overlap," mentioned Smith.

"While banking isn't always the first market in which pops in order to thoughts together with Pinterest, we felt similar to our manufacturer and our focus on economic guidance will be a good fit using the 'aspirational' naturel of the operating platform even as appear to help our customers do well financially -- short- and long-term," mentioned Renee Brown, Wells Fargo's director associated with social media, in an email for you to American Banker.

The bank, with regard to example, knows mothers use Pinterest and may begin thinking about sending their particular kids to school for the first-time within late summer. Pinterest users, 81% of whom tend to be female according to the firm, tend to be creating data which Forrester believes will eventually drive much more revenue compared to Facebook or even Twitter information because it relates for you to people's wish lists like journey or perhaps infant plans.

The content material Wells creates pertaining to Pinterest is significantly more evergreen compared as in order to the it could publish in various other social sites.

Regions Financial, which in turn joined the actual site in 2013, sees Pinterest as an straightforward method to obtain in front of the female audience -- which many frequently manage the household decision makers -- and to draw visitors to monetary guidance articles upon its .com site.

To end up being sure, B involving A New had an chance other manufacturers did not: the particular institution had been among your original 30 beta partners for promoted pins -- the method to spend they are driving engagement in which just opened to all manufacturers throughout January.

B regarding A New saw an chance a yr ago to repackage its private finance content with regard to Pinterest, the actual fastest expanding social website with time and a medium that previously had shoppers pinning about subjects like loved ones planning that have financial dimensions, stated Chris Smith, an enterprise social media executive from B involving A.

Bank veterans acknowledge a amount of are generally surprised at his or her presence around the photo-posting site. "It's important to provide Pinterest customers together with beneficial details that suits their own intentions when going to become able to the platform, since it's consequently research intensive," mentioned Brown

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06 Agos 2015

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